You focus on patient care, we look after the rest.

The primary concern of all Medicrew practices is always excellence in patient care. Such excellence is promoted by ensuring our General Practitioners (GPs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) feel fully supported and encouraged at every turn. Our clinicians spend their time focusing on their patients comfortable in the knowledge that all business operations are being managed competently in the background. At the same time, Medicrew encourages our GPs to maximise their earning potential by providing them with an innovative Nurse Practitioner collaborative model, modern equipment, effective working environments and generous incentives.

Nurse Practitioner Collaboration

At Medicrew, our GPs enjoy the full-time support of highly experienced Nurse Practitioners (over and above the usual Practice Nurse support). This unique collaboration provides patients with the ultimate in healthcare and allows our GPs to focus on higher order medical concerns. Our NPs handle an independent patient load whilst also escalating care beyond their scope to our GPs.

This model reduces wait times for patients, allows escalation of care to our GPs where necessary ensuring a comprehensive care experience for patients resulting in satisfied patients and fulfilled clinicians.

Generous Incentives

Medicrew GPs can expect to earn well above industry average remuneration. Our collaborative model allows our GPs to see their own cohort of patients as well as any escalations from the Nurse Practitioner all whilst maximising patient care.

Medicrew NPs also enjoy competitive salary arrangements comfortable in the knowledge that they can work both independently as well as collaboratively with our GPs.

Operational Support

Medicrew management consists of highly qualified professionals from the medical, business and education fields so you can rest assured that all core business concerns, such as marketing, hiring, training, ordering and payroll are taken care of. Medicrew also promotes regular professional development for all staff, both medical and administrative.

Flexible Hours

Medicrew clinics open early and close late allowing our patients to choose an appointment time that suits them. Our opening hours also mean our clinicians can have more flexibility in when and how often they work.

Industry Connections

Medicrew’s commitment to healthcare means that we are constantly nurturing and updating our relationships with industry leaders and innovators. Our highly respected management team enjoys excellent connections with state and federal healthcare representatives along with more local decision-makers. Our clinical staff are safe in the knowledge that Medicrew remains at the cutting edge of medicine and the industry as a whole.

Flexible Contracts

Medicrew understands that GPs/NPs need flexibility in their working lives.

Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time or after hours work, Medicrew has a position to suit in a location that appeals to you.

We’re also keen to hear from GPs who are interested in more than just a job. If you’re considering a partnership in one of our Medicrew clinics, we would like to hear from you.

Opportunities For Clinic Owners

If you own a general practice and wish to take it further, we can help. We have opportunities ranging from partnerships to rebranding.

If you’d like to learn more about Medicrew, please email [email protected]