At Medicrew, we are dedicated to providing you with easy access to the best in healthcare. Our doctors and medical team prioritise patient care and are well supported by warm and caring clinic staff.

Our clinicians genuinely care about you and your health concerns. Medicrew operates one of the few clinics in Australia that utilises General Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners in a collaborative environment. They are all highly qualified professionals and are constantly engaging in further education and development. Our standard appointment times are 50% longer than some other clinics.

We offer our patients a comprehensive range of high-quality medical services, including:

  • General health and wellbeing
  • Chronic Disease Management (eg diabetes, asthma, hypertension)
  • Children’s health and paediatrics
  • Skin checks
  • Immunisations
  • Sleep and respiratory problems
  • Men’s and women’s health care
  • Mental Health (eg anxiety, depression)

We invite you to relax in our comfortable waiting areas. We have modern facilities and medical equipment with wheelchair access for your convenience. Feel free to ask one of our friendly and highly skilled staff if you require any assistance.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our friendly practitioners, you can do so at any time using our convenient online booking service.

Company Profile

Medicrew originated on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, in 2013 and came into existence through the collaboration of a number of medical practitioners who shared a common vision around providing better healthcare solutions to the community. The founding shareholders were passionate about differentiating health care services through innovative solutions to improve the quality of patient care, improve health services within the community and to address the ever increasing challenges around Federal/State Health funding.

Medicrew emerged as an innovative organisation that has successfully utilised and promoted the capabilities of Nurse Practitioners amongst its team of leading medical clinicians. The current shareholders still includes two of the founding members and the organisation is still driven by the very same vision today.

In 2015 Medicrew established its first medical clinic on the Sunshine Coast in Twin Waters. With immediate success, Medicrew was able to refine its ability to deliver better healthcare into the community through the use of Nurse Practitioners. Medicrew employs a core team of expert medical and nursing clinicians with backgrounds in general practice, primary health care, emergency medicine, child health, chronic disease management, injectable cosmetics, immunisations and preventative health.

Visiting and allied specialists cover needs for mental health, diabetes, aged care, cardiac rehabilitation, paediatrics, skin cancer and wound care. We also have strong partnerships with allied health providers that result in patients benefiting from a comprehensive range of medical services. We value our patients’ health and believe that greater benefits are derived from “round table” medicine where the various practitioners work alongside one another to achieve better outcomes.

As an innovative organization, Medicrew also regularly invests in potential alternative health care services opportunities. Examples of these include recent collaborations with the University of the Sunshine Coast around the use of its mobile health care unit in remote areas and an association with Assist First Aid to provide medical services to a number of major sporting events on the Sunshine Coast.

Medicrew also actively promotes education as a core driver for delivering better medicine. As part of their learning and development objectives, staff participate in continuous improvement programs ranging from internal training from our accredited medical team, to external training courses which ensures that patients are always treated with the best in medical care. We also welcome student placements from nursing students and Medicrew has collaborated successfully with the University of Sunshine Coast and TAFE to involve students at our medical clinic in Twin Waters.

As Medicrew grows its network of clinics, there will be a huge array of services that will be rolled out to provide even better access to healthcare in rural & remote regions. Innovations such as Mobile Medicine, Priority Patient Transport and Medical Air Services will allow Medicrew to continue to grow and deliver on its core values of bringing better access to improved healthcare across Australia. Medicrew at its core is committed to having a positive impact on communities and indeed the world around us.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to improve the quality of patient care and health services within the community.

Core Values

Values and behaviour are the cornerstones of Medicrew and the culture it and its employees aspire to. Our goal is to make every decision and every action one that we can be proud of.

  • Safety in everything we do
  • Our patients are our focus
  • We care for the community
  • We care for the environment
  • Our people are our strength
  • We act ethically and professionally

Our Behaviours

  • Integrity – We act ethically and professionally. We are fair and honest and do not tolerate coercive or misleading practices.
  • Accountability – We take personal responsibility for all we do that is under our control. We hold ourselves accountable to our colleagues and all those that depend on us.
  • Compliance – We uphold and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We uphold the standards of practice by complying with current business policies and procedures.
  • Confidentiality – We respect the confidentiality of our patients and colleagues as well as their information. We do not share this information without their prior written consent or as otherwise directed under law. We preserve intellectual property and moral rights of the company and associated stakeholders.
  • Conduct – We treat our patients and colleagues with respect and courtesy, regardless of their background and individual or cultural differences. We do not support any form of discrimination or harassment and we encourage workplace diversity. We exercise diligence and duty of care obligations and avoiding conflicts of interest. We abide by our Core Values.
  • Relationships – We look for and build good working relationships to achieve our common goals and foster good teamwork. This allows us to work collaboratively in a respectful, open and honest manner.