At Medicrew, we are dedicated to providing you with easy access to the best in healthcare. Our Doctors and Nurse Practitioners strive to provide the highest quality of care for patients, embracing a newer, efficient model of care for Australian people. Our team are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in a range of different environments from the busiest of Emergency Departments to rural and remote health locations. We prioritise patient care and are well supported by warm and caring clinic staff. The entire team looks forward to assisting you.

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Health Professionals

Our clinicians are all highly qualified professionals. Our General Practitioners (GPs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are constantly engaging in further education and professional development to ensure every patient receives the highest quality evidenced-based care possible at every visit.


Medicrew operates one of the few clinics in Australia that utilises both NPs and GPs in a collaborative environment. Our NPs work as key members of our healthcare team and collaborate with our GPs to provide a new level of service along with timely access to healthcare for our patients as well as providing an avenue for Hospital Avoidance in an effort to free up busy Emergency Departments of low acuity Category 4 and 5 presentations.

Patient Focused

Finding the right care you need at the right time is sometimes difficult. Our clinicians strive to provide each and every patient with quality care tailored to their individual needs in a timely manner.

Community Oriented

Medicrew is always looking for ways to support their local community. Our NPs have generously donated their time to volunteer as Medics at events such as the MMA Coastal Combat held in November 2016. Medicrew is also a proud sponsor of the Buderim Wanderers Football Club in 2017.


Chronic Disease Management

We offer excellence in medical care which addresses pre-existing or long term illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, congestive heart disease, hypertension and depression.

Urgent Care

We provide short-term treatment for any acute injury or episode of illness, an urgent medical condition, or during recovery from surgery. We can also provide ultrasounds, ECGs or an IV drip where necessary. We can also contend with complex injury care and wound closure (sutures). We treat minor fractures (broken bones) and can often put a cast on. Please note that anyone experiencing chest pain should go straight to the nearest hospital.

Aged Care

If you currently have an aged care package, we can help manage it for you. If you’re looking to get an aged care package, we can organise that. We also provide a comprehensive range of medical services and health assessments. We can also provide medical staff to nursing and retirement homes.

Skin Care

Our clinicians are fully qualified to perform skin checks and treat any skin lesions (acute melanoma care and treatment) as required using biopsy, excision, topical ointment or cryo-therapy (liquid nitrogen).